Tumanova Svetlana

Svetlana and Osborn

Svetlana Tumanova is one of the best Agility handlers in Russia. She is a member of Together Agility club, trained by Elena Dmitrotchenko. Svetlana is a dog trainer by profession. She competes successfully with two very fast dogs, a German Spitz Osborn and a Border Collie Jumbo.

In 2000 Svetlana and Osborn were members of the Russian team at the FCI World Agility Championship in Helsinki and won the fourth place in Mini Agility there. Svetlana's other wins include the first place at Eurasia 2001. During the year 2001, Svetlana was the winner of all competitions in the framework of Nutro Grand Prix, and won the final round of this competition!

In the same year, Svetlana became Champion of Russia with Jumbo, who is perhaps the quickest dog in Russian Agility.

Svetlana's highest achievement by now is the third place at the FCI World Agility Championship in Portugal (with Osborn).

in Helsinki
Svetlana and Jumbo - Russian Agility Champions 2001

On Friskies Cup 2001 at Sopot

Jumbo on start