Agility in Russia
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This site is devoted to Agility -- a new and exciting sport, in which many dog lovers are engaged
all around the world. Here you can find
information on the most intriguing Russian
Agility events, and other related news.
Agility in Russia

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This is an independent site for Russian Agility
fanciers. It neither belongs to any kennel
organisation nor has a sponsor.

It is an open project for all clubs, handlers and
trainers, for all dog- and Agility-fans
who have Internet access.

I thought this site might also be of interest for
dog enthusiasts abroad. Therefore, I try to
maintain an English version of the site.



* * *  

It is difficult for me to translate the entire site into English at once. I try to select more interesting pages for you. Please let me know what pages you would like to see translated next.

For now only Who is Who, Photo Gallery, Press, Adventures, The three F's and Tutti-Frutti pages are translated. Dear friends, we plan to continue. Come back to our site from time to time and you will see it grow gradually.

And one more small request. Be a little more attentive, don't pass the pictures and photos in a hurry. If your stop the cursor for a moment, you will see that most of the pictures can "speak" - if the cursor turns into a hand, you are sure to find more interesting photos or even stories. It is funny to say that, but it took my friend three weeks to find out that he could return to the main page by pressing the logo in the upper left corner.

If you would like to share your impressions and suggestions,
please send me a letter with the help of this agile doggy,
or sign our Guest Book. By the way, being the admin
and designer of this site, I became so absorbed in agility
that I decided to change my surname. So, now my name is


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The Agility Webring
This site is owned by A.Gility
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During 3 years Anguelina Katutis has gone to the victori

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