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Who is Who
Russian Agility world is still very small,
Let's get acquainted
We are so different ...

We are going to amend the list of Russian Agility persons below as we receive photos and information. Everyone who is involved in this sport may send information about himself (better with photos) to be added to this page.

The list is alphabetical. For the ease of reference, we use the following signs:

       - handler  - trainer - judge  - official  - dog

A.Gility Internet
Bim Moscow
Dashkova Irina Minsk
Dmitrotchenko Elena Moscow
Elly Moscow
Grada Moscow
Justas Perm
Kalinina Julia Moscow
Karpushina Nadezhda Perm
Kataeva Varvara Perm
Katutis Angelina Perm
Khristy Irina Moscow
Kirillov Michael Moscow
Klokova Elena Cherepovets
Kostogarova Galina Cherepovets
Kusakina Alexandra Perm
Lucky Perm
Maslikhin Vyacheslav Vyksa
Osborn Moscow
Ostashenko Yuri Moscow
Pavlov Andrei Vyksa
Polezhaeva Anna Perm
Rudashevsky Michael Perm
Rybakova Elena Moscow
Scherbakova Olga Moscow
Serova Marina Moscow
Shamritskaya Olga Perm
Shanie Moscow
Sternberg Natalia Perm
Tebenkova Olga Perm
Tumanova Svetlana Moscow
Vavakina Elena Moscow
Vicky Moscow
Wald Moscow

Well, but who is who after that?